An Inside Look at Stainless Steel Commercial Uses

Posted on October 18, 2012 by Reda Abouleish



The oil and gas industry benefits from using stainless steel.

Stainless steel is an ideal material for a wide array of commercial businesses.  We see it used in the catering business, oil and gas, medical and construction.  It surpasses other materials when it comes to cost, durability, adaptability and weight.  It is selected due to its rust-resistant traits, customizable shapes and its hygienic qualities.  Let’s take a closer look at what industries use stainless steel and why it is the chosen material for them.

Automotive Industry

This type of metal can be fabricated into an extensive range of forms such as tubes, coils, sheets, plates and more.  These options vary depending on the purpose of the desired industry.  For instance, the automotive industry needs coils and tubes to exchange, transfer and hold liquids within a vehicle’s engine.  These instruments must also serve to protect and keep the liquids untainted when extreme heat or cold occurs.  This can be achieved by using this type of metal.  It varies in the width and shape ensuring it fulfills the needs of the car’s mechanics while remaining intact under harsh weather conditions.  Other materials fall short when the same requirements are applied.

Oil and Gas Business

Another industry where the contrast in form is vital to the success of the business is the oil and gas industry.  The oil and gas industry demands certain dimensions for its drilling vessels to safeguard proper operations.  The metal must hold up while being submerged in water and still perform effectively.  All of these factors are critical to preserving the health of those living on the vessel and the surrounding environment.  If a piece of equipment fails then it puts everything and everyone within range at risk; thus, the measurements must be precise and the material must be long-lasting.

To find out more about nickel alloys and stainless steel, call National Specialty Alloys today!

How Stainless Steel is Used in the Automotive Industry

Posted on May 15, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

Stainless steel cars are durable, rust-resistant and long lasting.

With gas prices soaring and salaries not increasing to reflect this necessary economical change then it is time to think of ways to save money.  Cutting coupons, looking for sales and buying quality long-lasting products that won’t break the budget is the way to go; and there is one type of metal that I rely upon when I need to make a big purchase, such as a new vehicle.  The product is stainless steel.

When buying a vehicle check out the interior and exterior.  Notice the metal used throughout.  It is usually made from stainless steel.

This type of iron carbon alloy is a durable, rust resistant material used in various parts of your car and/or truck.  It is cost effective for manufacturers and holds up under a wide array of extreme conditions.   It is the material of choice for your engine, trim and exhaust system.

The exhaust system is exposed to extremely hot temperatures and needs a solid material capable of managing destructive gases without harming the car.  You do not want to spend a ton of money only to later learn that you need to replace the entire exhaust due to the material falling apart.  Other metals are sometimes used so be sure you are not fooled.  Do a thorough check.

These are only a few examples of how the automotive industry uses stainless steel.  To find out more call one of our nickel alloy experts today.

Benefits to Switching to Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Posted on May 11, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

Save money on repair and maintenance and make the switch to stainless steel brake lines today!

Your automobile needs to be a dependable, reliable and long lasting car.  The parts should work effectively without breaking your wallet. It does not matter if you have “the need for speed” or you prefer a leisurely Sunday drive down the Pacific Coast.  Either way, the same things on your vehicle need to work without giving you much of a headache.  The steering wheel, engine and brakes are three of those things that you should not fret about on a regular basis.  Today I am going to share with you how to reduce stress and worry surrounding your brakes.

One way to eliminate the stress and worry surrounding your car’s reliability is to change your brakes to stainless steel brake lines.

Stainless steel brake lines do not fade from heat buildup or “wear and tear.”  You have these issues with rubber but this chosen metal does not develop the same problems.  The material is durable, corrosion resistant and long lasting.  Additionally, by using steel you save money in the long run. You do not have to frequently spend money on replacement and repair expenses.  The pedal feel is also much smoother and the braking control increases significantly.  With other materials, the brakes become receptive to turning into a safety hazard and money pit.  For instance, rubber brakes have an average life span of 6 years.  After this time, the brakes reach a too dangerous to drive level.  This does not happen with stainless steel.

Find out more about the benefits of using stainless steel and nickel alloy in the automotive industry.

A Closer Look at Stainless Steel Tubes

Posted on January 30, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

Stainless steel tubes come in many different shapes and sizes.

For some people going to the dentist stirs up feelings of anxiousness and fear.  It brings up memories of being lectured about brushing and flossing properly in a similar scolded manner as when your teacher used to send you to the principal’s office.  But some of that fear could be diminished significantly when you realize the dental and medical equipment is made from stainless steel metal.

Why Steel Tubing is Right for Medical, Dental and Automotive

Stainless steel is a strong, stain resistant metal.  This metal is an ideal choice for a dentist or medical office.  If you look around your dentist’s office you see these machines pumping fluids and gas.  Inside these machines are circular tubes pushing the material through.  These are forms of steel tubing.  It is the same kind of tubing you find in exhaust pipes, engines and other necessary automotive parts.  These tubes are also effective in producing needles, hydraulic systems and fuel lines.  There is a wide array of techniques to create these tubes out of steel metal.  In some cases, manufacturers take a flat round disc of sheet metal and spin it on a horizontal surface.  This process is known as spinning.  There is another way to create steel metal tubes through a series of piercing a rod to form a circular, hollow show.  This is the most common method to create stainless steel tubing with attention to exact measurements, details and customized orders.

The best thing to do is to talk to one of our specialists.  He/she will be able to advise you regarding what is the best means to create steel bars to match your needs.



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