An Inside Look at the Stainless Steel “Seven Wonders” in Houston, Texas

Posted on September 9, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

Check out the infamous stainless steel structure "Seven Wonders" located in Houston, Texas.

Today is the first day of the Houston Texans season home-opener against the Miami Dolphins.  This is going to be an action-packed game in one of the most culturally diverse and celebrated cities in the United States.  While visiting this busy, entertaining, shopping and restaurant-filled metropolitan area reserve time to enjoy the city parks and public art works including the “Seven Wonders.”

The ‘Seven Wonders” are 70 feet tall stainless steel pillars located in Sesquicentennial Park.  This is designed to highlight the banks of Buffalo Bayou.  At night, these glowing columns reflect the water illuminating the home of Houston’s own internationally-exclaimed opera and ballet companies at the Wortham Center. The entire project was a way to celebrate and remember the 150th birthday of the region while providing a lovely, enchanting piece of work to admire and enjoy for another 150 years to come.

The seven pillars represent different aspects of Houston’s history. The pillars signify the following industries and Houston’s dominants in each field: energy, manufacturing, agriculture, medicine, philanthropy, technology and transportation.  The way the seven columns came about required a unique collaboration between the artist Mel Chin, Guy Hagstette, Ray and Hollington Architects and 1,050 school children born in 1986.

Chin thought of an idea to request school children born the same year as Houston’s sesquicentennial year to submit drawings representing one of the seven fields listed above.  Amongst these drawings, Chin chose 150 drawings to recreate as a laser-cut steel etching placed within each column.

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Stainless Steel is featured in 2 Prestigious International Hotels

Posted on August 24, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

Stainless steel is used in a unique manner at the Miura Hotel by featuring a 30 feet high statue of a man pressing against the property.

There are hotels worldwide that choose to use stainless steel to highlight specific aspects of the structures for interior and external features.  Today I am going to share with you two examples of how stainless steel is used in the utmost highly acclaimed hotels located across the globe.  Let’s start this list with an infamous brand name chain that originated in the USA, Trump International Hotel & Tower®.

Trump seems to own everything.  There is no denying that.  You see him on ads, hosting television shows and his name brand extends to clothing and jewelry lines too but his most prominent founding arena of success stems from his residential and commercial property dealings.

Trump International Hotel & Tower® Chicago is sample of Donald Trump’s legacy and his use of stainless steel for the design and structure of this hotel is remarkable.

Stainless steel and glass adorn this impressive 1,389 feet height hotel.  It has a breathtaking peak that tops out at 1,170 feet.  The stainless steel incorporated in the building is not assigned to one part of the exterior or interior.  It is actually utilized throughout the property.  For instance, there are approximately 45,000 tons of steel bars reinforcing the support of the hotel.  There are bowed, polished stainless steel pieces created to form a division between units of the windows extending beyond 9 inches from the glass line.  Smart applications of this metal are uncovered throughout the property.

Another structure that features stainless steel is the Miura hotel in Czech Republic.   This hotel used the metal in a unique manner by incorporating a 30 feet high stainless steel man pressing against the outside of the hotel.  It is a sculptor created by the artist David Černý who is notorious for his large-scale installations.

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An Inside Look at ‘RUN’ Located in the Olympic Park

Posted on August 11, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

'RUN' is one piece of artwork located at the London Olympic Park that uses stainless steel.

Stainless steel is the material of choice at the London Olympics 2012.  The Olympics Committee purposely selected this metal for its durability, sustainability and corrosion-resistant traits.  It was used on the construction of the track and field stadium, the new Emirates cable car mass transit system (designed to transport ticket holders) and the swimming arena.  Another realm where this metal is being shown is through the permanent artwork of many different installations located throughout the competitive zones.

Artwork for the Olympics was created by different internationally-renowned artists with installations located all over London and the surrounding area.  One of these impressive pieces of artwork is called ‘RUN’ by Monica Bonvicini.

‘RUN’ consists of three 30 feet tall letters forming the word ‘RUN.’  It is located at the outside of the Copper Box in Olympic Park.  It is built of mirrored stainless steel and glass.  During the day, the letters act as a mirror.  In the evenings, the letters convert into glowing letters lit by internal LED lighting.  When the artist was asked where the influence derived from she said it was from various “places around the Park” and by the Neil Young song called, “Running Dry.”

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An Inside Peak at the World’s Largest Steel Globe

Posted on April 26, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

The Unisphere is the world's largest global steel structure.

There are many infamous steel structures located throughout the world.  We have touched on a few public art sculptures, the Eiffel Tower and the London Olympics Aquatic Center.  Today, let’s highlight the world’s largest steel global structure, the Unisphere.

For the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair, the Fair Committee searched for an iconic sculpture design that would represent global interdependence and celebrate the launch of the new space age era.  Derived from these parameters the Unisphere was created.

The Unisphere was funded by the United States Steel Corporation and constructed by the American Bridge Company.  It is a 12 story high, 700,000 pounds globe made from Type 304L stainless steel.  It was conceived by Gilmore Clarke and is located in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in the borough of Queens, New York City.

What separates this structure from other steel works during that time period is the unusual lighting effects.  At night, the fair featured the structure by shining intense lighting onto the surface.  The effect of the lighting against the shiny, steel surface emitted an image of a sunrise moving across the Earth.  Furthermore, in the original design there were four light bulbs placed in each nation’s capitals and indicating the Kahnawake Indian Reservation.  This was done as homage to the iron workers from the Reservation that worked on the structure.

There are many different stainless steel works of art in public, free spaces.  Check out what exists in your local area today.

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Stainless Steel Public Art Sculptures

Posted on April 24, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

On the left is the "Spirit of Light" and on the right is Perre’s Ventaglio III.

Many cities around the world choose to display stainless steel sculptures for many reasons. One, there is virtually no need for any special care or cleaning instructions to follow keeping city maintenance costs down.  Also, these works of art make a statement. They are available in a public setting encouraging the masses to interact, admire and enjoy different infamous pieces of art.   Here are two global steel sculptures that stand out to me.

Let’s Take a Look at the Olympic Sculpture Park

The Seattle Art Museum Olympic Park is an impressive, free entry, nine acre open space designed to exhibit art.  One of the sculptures that stands out the most is Perre’s Ventaglio III.

In 1967, Perre’s Ventaglio III was created by the artist Beverly Pepper.   The artist was known for her colossal works of art and this particular piece is no exception.  It is a massive, outdoor, large scale steel structure created out of four cubic forms.  It displays an interesting geometric shape with reflections of the sky and its surroundings, which are visible upon the highly reflective material of the sculpture itself emitting an intended optical illusion.

Introducing the Spirit of Light

At the base of the Nigara Mohawk Building in Syracuse New York is a stainless steel sculpture called Spirit of Light.  Spirit of Light is a 28 foot high statue of a male figure with arms extended from which rays of light look similar to sporting giant wings.

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