Impact Across Industries

NSA adds value in every way we can.

Producing Custom Rotating
Equipment at a Critical Time

A global mechanical seal manufacturer began working with NSA in 1993. As the world’s medical needs accelerated beyond expectation, they relied on NSA even more.

pruducing custom rotating equipment

The Solution

The seal manufacturer provides manufacturing, mechanical seals, and fluid control parts for various industries. For over 30 years, this company has relied on NSA to help them source hard-to-find, unique metals, in addition to their day-in-day-out products. Recently, this manufacturer began making a particular component used in refrigeration units for transporting vaccines. NSA was able to adapt quickly to the manufacturer’s needs in serving this new market and add value during an unprecedented time.

Advancing the Marine Industry
with a New Metal Grade

A prominent shipbuilder that designs and builds government vessels and workboats needed material of a new size that had never been made before.

pruducing custom rotating equipment

The Solution

After developing a trusted relationship, a marine company providing national defense approached NSA with an unheard-of request to source marine material at 32 feet long. Even at this extended length, the metal was required to maintain a yield and tensile strength at marine industry standards. NSA was up for the challenge. After a year of development and extensive value testing, the product was delivered and remains a success 12 years later.

Developing Cost-Saving New
Metal in Oil and Gas Industry

A metallurgist from the NSA team worked directly with engineers and researchers to spec and approve a new cost-saving material.

developing cost saving

The Solution

An oil field service company planned to create a component that transports gas across the United States and globally.  With leading expertise and client service, NSA identified an opportunity to provide cost savings, as well as meet additional rigorous testing requirements. NSA's expert team worked with the mill and engineers to develop the specification for this unique case.  Today, NSA stocks this material in its inventory.  NSA provided the expertise, and the network, to provide a cost-saving solution for the oil field service company.

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